Sunday, 15 January 2012

My first attempt at cake decorating

No this isn't a card. It's a cake! It is my first attempt at cake decorating. As I am at home more now I have got hooked on watching 'Ace of Cakes' on Food Network. They make some amazing cakes.

I wanted to have a go myself at cake decorating. So today I made this mini 4" sponge which I icing with white fondant and decorated with marzipan flowers which I made with a Blossom Sugar Art die. I piped the green buttercream swirls for the flowers to sit on and also around the edges. I am very pleased with my first attempt but it was a lot hard to do that it looks on tv!


Sandra Stephens said...

Beautiful...but the proof is in the eating...perhaps just a small piece...thank you!!!

Well done it's lovely. xxx

Little Claire said...

Oh yes, i could eat a slice of that, looks yummy, i have seen that prog, and it is awesome, really does inspire me to make cakes too!